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How To Create / Setup Seller Account on Fiverr in Urdu | Fiverr Urdu Course

What is the best way to establish a Fiverr Seller profile?

Become a seller on Fiverr:

Do you want to learn how to become a seller on Fiverr and make money doing it?
Your favorite profile, on the other hand, is the one where you introduce yourself to the community. In addition, the Fiverr seller profile is essential for the buyer to understand the seller and to be able to place their confidence in their services. Although the Ferrer seller profile informs your consumers about your talents, interests, skills, and expertise in your career, its primary function is to introduce yourself to your customers and other potential customers.

Setup Seller Account on Fiverr in Urdu
Setup Seller Account on Fiverr in Urdu 

In other words, if you can introduce yourself to the public, you will be able to compete with other well-established vendors on the Fhrer or in your daily life. However, if you are unable to do so, this is your field of expertise. As a result, make a professional first impression. We will guide you through the process of understanding what a seller on Fiverr will look like and how to build a profile of a Fiverr seller in three simple stages in this post.
I'm going to show you how to build up your Fiverr seller profile in three simple steps, and you can do the same for your profile.

1) Information about the individual

You will be required to explain yourself in this area. Instead of attempting to defend your abilities and professional experience, try to put your attention on yourself. Additionally, this information is accessible to active purchasers in your public profile format, which is available to everyone. The more personal you become, the greater the number of advantages you will have.

Fiverr Profile Setup
Profile Setup

Profile image *: 

You may upload a picture of yourself to your profile. First and foremost, make certain that your profile photo is genuine, focuses on your face, and has excellent image quality. Please refrain from using just comical postures. Always remember to take a picture in case you want to utilize it for a professional project.


 In the description box, write something honest and genuine about yourself. Tell us a bit about your interests, abilities, psychological attitude, and so forth. Inform consumers about your characteristics so that they can work with you more effectively.
Please keep in mind that the description must be between 150 and 600 characters.
Languages *: Improve your fluency in the languages that you are fluent in. This update will assist your consumers in communicating with you more efficiently.

2) Information pertaining to the profession

As a result, on your Favor profile, you may demonstrate your professional abilities. You do not have to be personal, but you are required to develop a point of view and write about what you have to give other than your professional expertise.

professional info Fiverr Profile Setup
professional info Fiverr Profile Setup

*Availability of services:

As a result, you will demonstrate your commitment to our platform here. Do you want to make it a full-time job, or are you OK with it being part-time work for the time being? How much time do you plan to devote to Fiverr? And, maybe more significantly, how much money do you make through Fiverr?

Please keep in mind that the "Availability" area will be hidden from the general public.


 This is the section where you may show your offer. You have the ability to add your talents to the skills you have already assigned to those skills. You can quickly and simply add Fiverr-Defied talents to your portfolio. However, if you have other talents that Fhrer has mentioned, you may include them as well, but Fhrer will have to accept them once they have been reviewed. Continue to add talents by clicking "Add New."


On Favre, you can also offer the names of your instructors to prospective purchasers. This stage guarantees that you have conducted thorough research into the niche in which you are providing your services. Click on "Add New" to share what you've learned.

Obtaining Certification: 

The certification section enables the seller to communicate some of the external achievements or difficulties he has faced in order to perfect his talents with customers. Select "Add New" and enter the certification title along with the organization's information.

3) LinkedIn profiles are available.

It is possible to enhance a seller's reputation and trust by linking their social media accounts to their Fiverr profiles. He defended the vendor by claiming that he is an authority figure who has been verified by a number of different sites.

Linked Accounts Fiverr Urdu Course
Linked Accounts Fiverr Urdu Course

Social Presence: 

Include links to social media sites like as Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn to demonstrate to consumers that you have a social presence. Then click on the "Contact" button to confirm your submission.

Professional online presence: 

This provides your customer the idea that you are linked to professional sites like as Dribble and Stack Overflow, which is a good impression. To confirm, click the "Contact" icon in the toolbar.

That's all there is to it; you've finished your Fiverr vendor profile. In reality, learning how to become a seller on Favre is much simpler if you follow a step-by-step process.

Greetings and best wishes! Your profile has been successfully completed by you.

Click here to create your new Fiverr Account:
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