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Install Laravel 8 on a Mobile Device with Android

Install Laravel 8 on a Mobile Device with Android

 Hello, how are you? I'll teach you how to install Laravel 8 on your phone in this post.

Having some familiarity with PHP and Laravel is required to get the most out of this tutorial. Don't worry if you don't; I'll teach you the essentials so you can get going.

To begin with, what exactly is Laravel?

Laravel is a web application framework with an expressive and attractive syntax that is easy to use. Laravel is based on PHP, which means it's PHP, but it's simpler to work with since it's more intuitive.

We don't have to develop authentication ourselves since it comes with a number of packages for different functionalities, such as authentication. Visit laravel.com to discover more about Laravel's capabilities.

Why did I create this tutorial?

For anyone who is interested in coding but doesn't have a laptop or pc, I've put together this lesson.

Because of my recent article on freeCodeCamp, I realized that people are interested in knowing how the technology works, therefore I'm creating additional instructions like this.

So, let's get started with it. Installing composer.php and using it to install Laravel 8 on your phone is covered in this article.

Precious Oladele is my name, and I'll be turning 19 this month. My name is Ikechukwu and I'll be guiding you through this process. This is all because of my lack of a laptop and my habit of using my phone instead of a computer to learn new things.


You'll need an Android phone running at least V6.0+ to complete this lesson.


We'll have to visit the Google Play Store to get Termux:

It's possible to utilize Termux, a Linux-based system, on our smartphones. You can install whatever you want, including Kali, Ubuntu, or anything else you desire. We'll be utilizing it to build up Laravel 8 on our mobile phone for this tutorial.

Composer is available for download.

To get started with composer, open Termux and enter the following command:

Everything in the area must be taken care of. But first, we must set up PHP for usage in our program. To accomplish so, put the following command into your Termux and press enter.

After that, go to the composer's website and copy the code. Because Termux is Linux-based, we must do this. When using Windows, there would be a simple button to download composer.Exe executable .'s

Make a copy of the code and paste it into Termux. Then press the Enter button.

The following screen should appear when the composer has been installed:

How to Setup Laravel 8 on a Raspberry Pi

Composer.phar should be checked before installing Laravel 8. Enter the following command into your Termux. Here, you'll find all the files you may download.

The composer.phar file and a storage folder are visible. Your file manager may be accessed via the storage folder. Remember the termux-setup-storage command you typed before anything else.

Let's get Laravel 8 installed now. In order to do this, we may either establish a project or just install it globally. When you're trying to install it worldwide on your phone, the procedure might be a little complex and time-consuming. Instead, we'll develop a project in this tutorial.

Myapp is only a placeholder for the project's actual name, which may be whatever you like. Once you've pressed enter, sit back and watch the magic unfold.

The process is a piece of cake. To see whether it works, use cd myapp to get to the app's directory. With php artisan serve, you may start the Laravel server.

Development has now begun

Laravel has been installed when you see the following:

In your Termux, enter the following:

Now that Laravel is operating, you can enter in your browser and view it.

To avoid Termux crashing while you're writing, follow these instructions:

Install Laravel 8 on a Mobile Device with Android
Install Laravel 8 on a Mobile Device with Android

It's done!

Thank you for stopping by. I really hope that this lesson was beneficial to you. You should now be able to install and use Laravel on your Android phone to develop applications.

If you'd like to see more videos from me, please visit my YouTube channel and become a subscriber.

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