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13 Tips for Optimizing your Upwork and Fiverr Profiles to Earn $100 Per Week | Urdujobsads

13-Tips for Optimizing your Upwork and Fiverr Profiles to earn $100 Per Week| Urdujobsads

The internet is littered with stories about people who milk their way to riches. Some do it to earn passive income by providing their services to clients in need.

You may be curious to know how that is possible.

13 Tips for Optimizing your Upwork and Fiverr Profiles to Earn $100 Per Week | Urdujobsads
Tips for Optimizing your Upwork and Fiverr Profiles

Some people use social media platforms to build brands that attract clients, while others use outbound marketing, and still, others use freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, among other things.

Tips For Optimize Your Upwork and Fiverr

However, there are things you must do, and these 13 Upwork and Fiverr profile optimization tips will help you earn at least $100 in 7 days.

Make your bio as follows:

You can't want, make, or earn $100 in 7 days and have a "structureless" bio. Clients should respond to your proposal and want your services after reading your bio. Examine your bio...will you be willing to work with someone whose bio is similar to yours?

According to Jake Victor, here's a framework you can use for your Upwork bio.

  • Identify the prospect
  • Determine their issue
  • Make a suggestion for a solution
  • Introduce yourself and explain how you will assist them in resolving the issue.
  • If you have testimonials, include them.
  • Include your call to action (Call to Action)

Make a good image:

Allow your profile photo to be genuine. Please do not use images that make you appear unprofessional. Allow your image to focus on your face while maintaining high image quality.

Hourly Rate:

Many people may consider him to be the most important. So, I'd advise you to start at a rate that won't make you appear "cheap" but also "expensive." You can get it for $40 per hour. But, whatever rate you choose, have reasons for choosing it.

Use a catchy title:

Your title should be distinctive. e.g Email copywriter for six and seven-figure fashion brands.

Have a Video:

This is something that many people dislike doing. Perhaps because they are uneasy about having a video of themselves on the internet.
Making a video on Upwork will make the client feel at ease as if they already know you. They already have a sense of familiarity with you before jumping on a call with you, which will push them one step closer to hiring you.
This does not require a sophisticated digital camera or phone. Speak confidently while remaining professional and polite. Introduce yourself, list your skills, and explain how you can help your clients.


When writing your Overview, demonstrate to your clients that you are the right person while not sounding desperate. Describe your abilities, skills, and accomplishments.
It's also critical to target the right audience when writing your overview. It is incorrect to list everything you have done. For example, footballers, copywriters, security guards, and so on. List the skills required in the field in which you want to work.

SEO Techniques:

Remember that many other people want to attract the same client that you do. So, fill your profile with keywords that will help you get noticed and stay on top.
These are words that surround your ability. For example, if you're a copywriter, you could use terms like email marketing, Facebook ad copy, Video Sales Letter (V.S.L), and so on.

Unique Username:

When deciding on a username on Fiverr, don't just pick any name. Remember that you cannot change your username. If you provide services such as content writing, use usernames such as "YourContentPlug," "HeartToHeartWriter," and so on, or use your name as the Username of your name.

Connect your Social Media Profiles:

When your Fiverr profile includes a link to an active social media account, it demonstrates that you are a real person and not a robot. It boosts the buyer's trust in you.

Profile Description:

Your Fiverr profile description should be all about you. This is not the place to brag about how many skills you have.


Demonstrate to potential clients that you are not inexperienced. This is where you show off your previous work. Don't show off your poorly executed work. If you only have one good piece of work, show it.


This is where you discuss your internal or external accomplishments. It would be advantageous if you learned some additional skills. It demonstrates your dedication to learning new things.


Your testimonials must not be solely from Upwork or Fiverr jobs. Even client testimonials that were not created on these platforms can be imported.
Finally, in order to earn $100 in 7 days, you must have social proof that you are good at what you do.

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