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Discovered - Currently Not Indexed: How to Fix the Issue in Blogger and WordPress

Discovered - Currently Not Indexed: How to Fix the Issue in Blogger and WordPress

Achieving online visibility hinges on effective search engine indexing. Yet, the hurdle of the "Discovered - Currently Not Indexed" issue can impede this progress. This article demystifies the problem and offers clear steps for both Blogger and WordPress users to conquer it. 

Discovered - Currently Not Indexed: How to Fix the Issue in Blogger and WordPress
Discovered - Currently Not Indexed: How to Fix the Issue in Blogger and WordPress

From refreshing sitemaps to enhancing crawl speeds, crafting valuable content, leveraging internal linking, and utilizing custom robots.txt, these measures ensure prompt indexing and heightened discoverability. Seamlessly guide your content into the digital spotlight and secure its place in search engine results.


Gaining visibility on search engines is a crucial aspect of successful blogging. However, a common issue bloggers face is "Discovered - Currently Not Indexed." This problem, identified within Google Console, signifies that while Google has found your post, it hasn't indexed it yet. In this article, we'll explore the causes of this issue and provide solutions to ensure your valuable content gets promptly indexed and visible to your audience.

Understanding the Discovered - Currently Not Indexed Issue

Google's indexing process involves three stages: Discovery, Crawling, and Indexing.

When a post is "Discovered," Google knows of its existence but hasn't indexed it, keeping it from appearing in search results. This scenario occurs for various reasons, hampering bloggers' efforts to make their content discoverable.

Imagine your blog post is like a new book in a library. When Google "Discovers" your post, it's like the librarians knowing about the new book. However, until Google "Indexes" it, it's like the book not being added to the library's catalog. So, even if someone looks for that topic in the catalog, they won't find your book.

This can be a problem for bloggers because they want their content to be easily found when people search online. To fix this, bloggers need to help Google properly "Index" their posts by taking certain actions to make their content more visible in search results.

Solutions to the Discovered - Currently Not Indexed Issue

To ensure your content is properly indexed by Google, follow these six steps:

01. Update Your Sitemap:

Refreshing your website's sitemap in Google Console can help address this issue. Even if you've submitted a sitemap before, this update helps Google locate your new and existing posts. To do this, go to Google Console and navigate to your sitemap settings. Replace the example with your own website's sitemap link:

https://www.urdujobsads.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml  This ensures all content becomes accessible for indexing.

02. Increase Crawl Speed:

Crawl speed refers to how quickly search engine bots explore and index your website's content. Faster crawling can lead to quicker indexing. You can optimize crawling speed by adjusting the crawl rate through the [Google Webmasters Tools settings] https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/settings. Choose "Limit Google’s maximum crawl rate," move the slider to increase the rate, and save your settings. Ensure the email matches your website's.

03. Craft Unique and Valuable Content:

Quality content indexes faster. Google rewards well-written, informative content. Regularly update articles, add paragraphs, and refine grammar. Simple language enhances readability.

04. Implement Internal Linking:

Interlink posts to expedite indexation. Link new content to indexed material, guiding Google's crawlers for efficient discovery.

05. Change Custom Robots.txt for WordPress and Blogger:

Add a custom robots.txt file to WordPress and Blogger. Guide bots on what to index and not. Use the following code with adjustments:

For Blogger

   User-agent: *

   Disallow: /search

   Disallow: /category/

   Disallow: /tag/

   Allow: /

   Sitemap: https://www.urdujobsads.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml

For WordPress

User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Disallow: /wp-admin/

Disallow: /category/

Disallow: /tag/

Allow: /

Sitemap: https://www.urdujobsads.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml

Sitemap: https://www.urdujobsads.blogspot.com/post-sitemap.xml

Sitemap: https://www.urdujobsads.blogspot.com/sitemap_index.xml

06. Submit Pings for Your Website

Generate pings for quicker indexing. Notify search engines of new content using free ping submission sites like:









Visibility is essential for blogging success. The "Discovered - Currently Not Indexed" issue may impede this. Armed with the solutions discussed, overcome the challenge and ensure prompt indexing by Google. Choose reliable hosting, craft valuable content, use proper grammar, and optimize settings for prompt indexing. Adhere to these strategies for accessible blog posts, fostering growth and engagement in the online content arena.

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